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Circaea Online Vol 2.1 1984

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  • Greig, J. - Book Review: Körber-Grohne, U., Kokabi, M. Piening, U. and Planck, D. (1983). Flora und Fauna im Ostkastell von Welzheim. Forschungen und Berichte zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Baden-Württemberg 14. Stuttgart. (p.6-7) 
  • Greig, J. - Book Review: Behre, K.-E. (1983). Ernährung und Umwelt der wikingerzeitlichen Siedlung Haithabu. Die Ausgrabungen in Haithabu 8. Neumünster: Wachholtz. (p.7-8) 
  • Greig, J. - Book Review: Berggren, G. (1981). Atlas of seeds and small fruits of Northwest European plant species. Part 3. Salicaceae-Cruciferae. Stockholm: Swedish Museum of Natural History (p.8-9) 
  • O'Connor, T. - Book Review: Clutton-Brock, J. and Grigson, C. (eds.) (1983). Animals and archaeology: 1. Hunters and their prey. British Archaeological Reports, International Series 163. Oxford (p.9-11) 
  • Kenward, H.K. - Book Review: Anon (not dated). Death of a wolf. Cresswell Crags Visitor Centre Report no. 3. (p.12-13) 
  • Booth, R. - A provisional key to the British species of Tachyporus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) based on elytral chaetotaxy (p.15-19) 
  • Noddle, B. Exact chronology of epiphyseal closure in domestic mammals of the past: an impossible proposition (p.21-7) 
  • Rackham, D.J., Batey, C.E., Jones, A.K.G. and Morris, C.D. Freswick Links, Caithness. Report on Environmental Survey 1979 (p.29-55)
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